The Business of Yoga Masterclass

Conscious Marketing for Growing your Heart-Based Biz | taught by Danielle March
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Course description

TBOYM is grounded in 2 decades of corporate marketing experience + the last 10 years as an international yoga teacher, biz mentor + strategist.

This program is for you if:

  • you already lead with your heart but need a little [or a lot] of help growing your business and mastering conscious marketing.

  • you're ready to expand your heart based biz beyond the traditional drop-in class model.

  • there's a fire burning inside you that needs to be fed & you will not be contained to the four walls of the yoga studio.

  • you were called to teach yoga because you knew it had the power to bring people together so you have big plans to reach as many people as possible.

  • you're a seeker & purpose ranks higher than external achievement. 

  • you've been considering working 1:1 with me or a business coach.



The problem is that - most of the time, when it comes to business - knowing where to start can seem overwhelming.

That is where I come in:

I firmly believe that the soul governs all areas of life - including your biz.

The thing is that successful businesses work in a way that honours both the heart & the head. 

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**A note on price for my fellow Canadians. Due to my international travel, most of my online students are located outside of Canada (like the US, UK & AU) - For that reason, I made a decision to use USD as the currency for my digital programs such as TBOYM**

Danielle March
Danielle March

Dani March is a Toronto-based RYT 500 yoga teacher, marketing strategist + biz coach. She fiercely advocate that the body knows before the mind does and that the soul governs all areas of life - including your business. Her work has been featured in Yoga Journal and has been travelling coast to coast teaching at Yoga Journal LIVE, Wanderlust and hometown appearance at the Toronto Yoga Conference.

Dani is the visionary behind LivOn Purpose, a modern YTT program that combines the yin and yang aspects of yoga with the underlying current of transformational work and recently launched the ever popular Business of Yoga Masterclass, as online program to help yoga teachers and studio owners grow their conscious business through heart based marketing.

Course Curriculum

Welcome Module
Pre-Work Love Note FREE PREVIEW
Opening Guided Biz Visualization FREE PREVIEW
Welcome Video from Dani FREE PREVIEW
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Lesson 1: Brand Clarity
Lesson 1 - Brand Clarity Video
Lesson 1 - Brand Essence Meditation
Worksheet 1 - Brand Essence + Brand Values
Worksheet 1 - Audio Guidance
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Lesson 2 - Value Proposition + Vision
Lesson 2 - Value Proposition & Vision Video
Worksheet 2 - Discovering Your Value Proposition
Audio Guidance - Worksheet 2
Worksheet 3 - Articulating Your Vision
Audio Guidance - Worksheet 3
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Lesson 3 - Intro to the Sales Funnel
TBOYM - Sales Funnel Video
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Lesson 4 - The Email Opt-In
Week 2 - Creatively Confident Meditation
Lesson 4 - Building Your Email List Video
Worksheet 4 - Brainstorming Your Freebie
Audio Guidance - Worksheet 4
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Lesson 5 - Building Trust + Engaging Your Tribe
Lesson 5 - Buiding Trust & Engagement Video
Worksheet 5 - Adding Value with Content
Audio Guidance - Workseet 5
Worksheet 6 - Engagement Content Plan
Audio Guidance - Worksheet 6
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Lesson 6 - Mastering Social Media
Lesson 6 Intro to Social Media Video
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Lesson 7 - Differentiating Beyond the Drop In Class
Week 3 - Inspired Action Meditation
TBOYM Lesson 7 - Going Beyond the Drop-In Video
Worksheet 7 - Workshop Ideas
Audio Guidance - Worksheet 7
BONUS Worksheet - Yoga Class Planner
Audio Guidance - Bonus Class Planning Worksheet
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Lesson 8 - Establishing Your Voice
Worksheet 8 - Blog Post Formula
Lesson 8 - Establishing your Voice Video
Audio Guidance - Worksheet 8
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Lesson 9 - Website Basics
Lesson 9 - Website Basics Video
Worksheet 9 - The About Me Page
Audio Guidance - Worksheet 9
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Lesson 10 - Business Strategy + Goal Setting
Lesson 10 - Business Strategy + Goal Setting
Worksheet 10 - Business + Marketing Plan
Audio Guidance - Worksheet 10
BONUS Marketing Tactics 101
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Lesson 11 - Weekly Focus
5 Min Lazer Focus Mediation
Lesson 11 Weekly Focus Video
Worksheet 11 Establishing Focus
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Lesson 12 - Creating Daily Momentum
Lesson 12 Action + Follow Through Video
Worksheet 12 - Daily Action + Follow Through
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Inspired Action 10 Day Challenge Workbook
Bonus Yoga Class Planner
TBOY Webinar REPLAY - 7 Steps to Expand Your Circle of Influence
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